Practice Areas: General Civil Litigation

This is the Firm’s core practice area in which clients have been represented across the country and around the globe at trial and appellate levels in both judicial and arbitral tribunals.  The subject matter has been as broad as human endeavor, including claims involving accounting, banking, contract, copyright, corporate, partnership, securities, fraud, defamation, malpractice, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”), asset forfeiture, and intellectual property, among others.  The Firm has often been called upon to represent senior executive and investment banking clients in connection with claims arising within the scope of their employment, as well as related issues under applicable director and officers liability policies and other indemnification sources.  During the course of its work for international clients and organizations, the Firm has regularly been asked to present issues of international law to US tribunals in order to resolve pending disputes.
Representative Cases

  • Morgenthau v. Avion Resources Ltd.  Secured vacatur of criminal forfeiture order seeking to restrain assets in excess of $630 million on behalf of Brazilian depositors in the face of overlapping investigations into money laundering and currency and exchange control violations conducted by Brazilian, US federal and NY state authorities. 
  • Cranshire Capital Master Fund, Ltd. V. Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. Representation of pioneering stem cell technology concern in action in federal court in Manhattan to determine securities conversion price.
  • Basell Poliolefine Italia S.r.l. (Italy) v. P.T. Polytama Propindo (Indonesia).  Representation of largest Indonesian plastics manufacturer in patent royalty dispute in ICC arbitration in Amsterdam.
  • 1680 Property Trust v. Ampton Investments, Inc.  Representation of investment banking client in a jury trial in Superior Court in Los Angeles on a claim for aiding and abetting a breach of fiduciary duty arising from CMBS transaction.
  • Parametric Capital Management, LLC v. Aundyr Trust Co., Ltd.  Representation of hedge fund in a New York arbitration of a dispute with investors involving allocation of returns.
  • Cello Holdings, LLC v. Lawrence-Dahl Cos.  Representation of a cyberarbitrageur in federal court in Manhattan in the seminal case establishing standards for proving intent under the federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.
  • Sharpe v. Grassi.  Representation of premier art restoration expert and dealer in a bench trial in New York Supreme Court on claims arising from disputed authenticity of a 19th century painting.
  • Votano v. Chemical Bank.  Representation of orphan on negligence claim in New York Supreme Court in Manhattan seeking recovery for inheritance that was stolen by infamous New York attorney—and subsequently convicted felon--Steven J. Romer.
  • Whirlpool Financial Corp. v. Sevaux.  Representation of French guarantor in connection with dispute arising from failed financing of Venezuelan oil industry concern in a federal action in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Dumba v. Schmidt.  Represented victim of fraudulent scheme perpetrated by prominent New York lawyer in securing recovery of stolen assets, criminal prosecution and restitution.
  • Von Kageneck v. Cohen, Pontani, Leiberman & Pavane.  Representation of inventor of early Boolean database search technology in patent malpractice litigation in both state and federal court in Manhattan.
  • Semida v. Rice.  Representation of a Somalian agent in a jury trial in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, on defamation and tortious interference claims arising from a dispute with U.S.-based trading company over SBA-financed contracts administered by USAID.
  • Silverston v. de Mattos.  Representation of Brazilian international trading company in federal court in Manhattan in multi-million dollar partnership dispute over U.S.-based assets.
  • Engel v. Cook.  Representation of client in a bench trial in New York Supreme Court involving claims for attorney’s fees and alleged malpractice.
  • Walton v. Secretary of Health and Human Services. Representation of petitioner in a bench trial before the US Court of Federal Claims seeking recovery under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act for damages for cardiac and other complications relating to measles, mumps and rubella (“MMR”) vaccination.
  • Herrera v. Young.  Representation of plaintiff pro bono publico in federal civil rights jury trial in White Plains, New York, arising from prison assault.

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